We live in hell. I live in hell. Specifically, meticulously crafted to cause as much suffering as possible. Action movie music, ballistic techno-babble, shot of a Humvee exploding.Why is this so unsurprising? There are a million websites, a million magazines, a million promotional videos, a million pamphlets showing even worse things in even more corporate language. It’s unacceptable. I want the entities behind this horror, be them human or corporate or anything else, to suffer. I want them to suffer immensely, and I don’t know why. Retribution? Maybe. Prevention? Maybe. Pure hatred? Maybe. Probably a bit of all of it, and some more too.

Capitalism is a blight on society. A tumor ingrained deep within our very reality. It dictates the way we see the world, and the way it sees us. These things are funneled into our brains and left to ferment there like fruit cocktail in shitty prison wine. Mold grows all over our moist slimy brains, clouding our sense of what’s normal and what’s not. Media teaches us how we hear, see, and feel, driven solely by capitalism. Restaurants teach us how to taste. Febreeze and various celebrities with different perfumes teach us how to smell.

In the pipe-dream world where this blog takes off and I become a wealthy reclusive gazillionaire, perhaps I’ll buy a Raytheon missile of my own. I would aim it straight at the sun.